Roofing Ridge Ventilation


ridge vents Ridge vents are a type of ventilation, used throughout many homes in the Texas area, (especially in humid areas like San Antonio and Austin) that allows the hot air trapped in your attic the chance to escape. Ridge vents are installed on the peak of a sloped roof, or on many peaks for larger homes, to facilitate in the flow of air within the attic. Green Home Improvements makes installing ridge vents easy. You can find ridge vents that match your current shingles to flow flawlessly with your roof. Call or sign-up today for a free consultation to install ridge vents on your home and cool your attic.


How It Works…

A ridge vent works on the basis of several principles. Adequate soffit and fascia ventilation coupled with a ridge vent creates a pathway for a continuous airflow along the entire underside of the roof deck, inside the attic. The flow of air is maintained in two ways. First, hot air naturally rises and exits out the ridge vents, pulling in cool air from below. Second, positive airflow across the ridge of the house produces a “venturi effect”, or a negative pressure, which pulls air out of the ridge vent and brings in cool air from the soffit vents below. Whether you are in calm or windy weather, the entire attic is vented by a constant flow of cooler, dryer outside air.

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What’s the Cost?

A ridge vent can vary in price, and may need additional ventilation to operate correctly. Every home is different and can require different forms of ventilation. To discover if ridge vents is an energy saving idea your home can utilize, call or sign-up today.

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